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Image by Mike Bowman


Catchers Gear for Tyler!

Our 8th and final Christmas Wish was finally granted on February 7th! (shipping plus a custom order delayed this one) Tyler, you are an amazing young man and have overcome so much this past year and a half. The circumstances we met you through were unfortunate but in the end a huge blessing. We are so super proud of you and cannot wait to see what the future holds for you! Check out what good and amazing things Tyler is doing with the Bobbleheads Bring Us Together Project

Tyler received a new set of catchers gear from Rawlings Sporting Goods and a catchers bag. He also got a new personalized catchers mitt from Rico Gloves!

Thank you again to Milwaukee Brewers for the bobbleheads for our wish recipients!

*Special thank you to People's Park for letting us use their space for granting this Wish to Tyler and for a delicious meal!


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