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Image by Mike Bowman


Juan Pablo decked out for Rookie Ball!

We were able to grant one of Jackson's Birthday Wishes to one of the sweetest families we know. We are truly honored and blessed to know them, even when the older boys teams face off on the baseball field.

Juan Pablo has overcome so much at his young age, yet shines a light so bright everywhere he goes and has a shy sweet smile for anyone he meets. This family is so very loved by everyone who is lucky to know them.

JP we hope you enjoy your first Rookie season! You are an amazing kid and I know you and Jackson would've been fast friends.

Juan Pablo was gifted some Mukwonago Tribe Baseball Club team spirit wear for him and his whole family, BRUCE BOLT batting gloves, Pit Viper sunglasses, a new glove by Wilson Baseball / Softball, Under Armour baseball cleats, a new Easton Baseball batting helmet, a new bat from DeMarini Sports and a new Christian Yelich jersey!

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