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Image by Mike Bowman


Zander & Sawyer's Wishes!

We granted baseball wishes to brothers Zander and Sawyer from Muskego!

This family is so amazing and so sweet and so strong! We were so honored to be able to do take a small part in their joy!

Zander received all new gear to play T-ball this summer! A new glove from Nokona, a bat from Easton, new cleats, pants, socks, batting gloves, batting helmet and a belt. He also received TWO Milwaukee Brewers jerseys....his favorite player Willy Adames! One to wear to games this spring and the other one signed by Willy! Some Pit Viper sunglasses too!

Older brother Sawyer received a new Louisville Slugger Meta bat, cleats, BRUCE BOLT batting gloves, and a new glove from Wilson! He also received a new Milwaukee Brewers City Connect Christian Yelich jersey!

Sister Nora and brother Cooper also received new Brewers jerseys. And the whole family received some Jackson Sparks foundation swag!

We hope they enjoy all of their new gear! We were truly in awe of these kids and this family...and the smiles on their sweet faces reminded us of why we do what we do.


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